Friday, September 18, 2015

The Un-Armed Forces Medley (Trump for Prez!)-Video/Song

Ronnie Buss PUT THIS LITTLE DITTY he is a singer/songwriter/parodist/common sense advocate. He regularly pokes fun at liberals, celebrities, sacred cows, and other topics. He sheds light on things that are topical and/or newsworthy. Let the fun begin!
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A Few of the COMMENTS
The line that says " Obama a Traitor or just Plain Dumb" says it all. Ps. Why has not the Republican Congress done anything but kiss the Socialist Obama's ass since getting voted into power. The Establishment Repubs are just as much a danger to the Republic as is the Socialist Dems. Pss. Great Tunes. :D
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Trump 2016!  ... Republicans and Democrats are CORRUPT, lies, cover up each other  JOINING   with mainstream MEDIA propaganda, brainwashing in order to MANIPULATE the election and have the president for a long time.
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So True! I can't wait until he is out of office for good! No respect for our military what so ever.

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