Friday, September 25, 2015


by George Williams (Facebook) 
re-printed with permission
I think that overall, the dots might be connected. It has happened like this:
1. Trump throws down the gauntlet and tosses his hat in the ring for President.
2. Trump picks Illegal Immigration as his prime initial issue and CHANGES THE DEBATE.
3. Trump becomes the LIGHTENING ROD and his followers grow, as do his detractors.
4. Trump makes you want to cringe sometimes as he takes on everyone, but his numbers grow because he eliminates PC talk and picks issues that conservative Republicans respond to. America feels a tingle in its heart.
5. Trumps numbers grow as he battles Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and Megan of FOX. Trump's numbers grow. Trump has totally (TOTALLY) CHANGED THE DEBATE. Carly scores blood in Debate 2 against Trump and Planned Parenthood.
6. America begins to feel liberated. Can Trump really build the wall? Repeal Obamacare? Start to reduce the debt? Build Jobs? Bring manufacturing back to our shores?
7. A group of conservative Congressmen start to plot the coup of Boehner and discuss new House leadership including a conservative. We start to feel liberated and invincible.
8. Carly flattens as a new poll puts Trump at 40%. Perry and Walker have dropped out and Trump still leads.
9. So, can these dots be connected? Did Boehner resign because of the tide of discontent that has risen? I believe that we are seeing a political revolution boiling up in America.. out of the whirlwind called Trump and into the coalescence of common direction and desire to shrink government, stop Obama, reduce spending, stop this runaway marxism, control the border, and to take the bull by the horns.

10. Keep it up TRUMP. Let's get Mitch McConnell next, then if Trump is still our vote leader in six months, nominate him... and elect him in November.

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