Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Stand By at Tonight's Debate For A Tag-Team Effort to Topple Donald Trump

TARGET ON HIS BACK: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump enters tonight’s GOP debate as the front-runner.

GOP operatives say tag-team effort needed to topple Donald Trump in debate

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump's three biggest threats tonight could come from a re-energized Jeb Bush, a surging Carly Fiorina out for blood after the New York billionaire's "look at that face" put-down, and a combative New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie with little left to lose, political observers told the Herald.
Bush -- blasted by Trump for being a lethargic, Spanish-speaking political insider with tanking poll numbers -- needs to show passion and demonstrate he has the ideas and substance that Trump's candidacy has seemingly rendered irrelevant to so many voters, experts said.
"All eyes will be on Jeb Bush," New Hampshire Republican strategist Mike Dennehy said of tonight's CNN-televised debate at the Ronald Reagan Library in southernCalifornia, where 11 Republican candidates will face off at 8 p.m. for their second national showdown.
"If he doesn't have some kind of breakthrough moment," Dennehy said, "things will only get worse and there will have to be a major shakeup in the Bush campaign."
Trump will also come face-to-face with Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO whose looks he insulted in a Rolling Stone article. Fiorina has since responded by saying Trump's need to put her down reflects her recent climb in the polls; she has also released a video in which she calls herself and other successful women "the face of leadership" and proclaims she's "proud of every year and every wrinkle." Source c)2015 the Boston Herald and GOPUSA

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