Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sex Offenders Updates Web Site Please Check It Out

SexOffenderUpdates is a grassroots organization working to oppose efforts by sex offenders and their advocates to repeal sex offender laws, registration requirements and other restrictions.Our goal is to build a coalition of citizens so that we can be more proactive, instead of reactive, when it comes to sex offender and sex abuse issues.
  • Sex Offender Updates sends email notifications to subscribers whenever sex offenders move into their community and also seeks to create local networks of activists to advance tougher laws and sentences for sex offenders.
  • We are fed up with reading news reports about soft judges giving excessively lenient sentences to those convicted of disgusting crimes against children.

  • We are fed up with hearing stories about human trafficking where women and young girls are sold into sexual slavery and the perpetrators operating with impunity.

  • We are fed up with sexual predators being released into our communitiesBut, most of all, we are frustrated with the lack of organized opposition of the American citizenry to sex offenders, their supporters, and our ineffective justice system. 
  • We're doing something about it. Please join us!
  • American Freedom by Barbara Has NOT received any compensation to post this information, it is a courtesy post

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