Wednesday, September 23, 2015

ICYMI-Stephen Colbert Interview With Donald Trump Video

Stephen apologizes to Donald Trump for the mean things he's said about him over the years, and gives him the opportunity to apologize as well. Nope. Also a video witha very funny line about Scott Walker's bald spot.

During his Tuesday interview of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert opted to test Trump with an impromptu pop quiz. “For years, I played an over-the-top conservative character. Not as long as you did, but for many years,” Colbert joked. “I was looking back over some of the things you said, and sometimes I couldn’t figure out if I said them or you said them. I would like to know if you could help me figure this out.”
FULL EPISODE With funny line anout Scott Walker's bald spot

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