Friday, September 18, 2015

GOP'S Lack of Support for Donald Trump-WHY?

What's GOP's problem? 
Let's get this straight Trump is funding his own campaign-
Loaned his campaign $1.8 million
Has said if elected he would turn down the $400,000 salary 
Trump says he would turn down U.S. presidential salary if elected
Has raised bookoo money for Republican
During the 2014 political cycle, Mr. Trump was a top contributor and fundraiser for Republican efforts. Mr. Trump also campaigned across the country, with each candidate winning by a record margin.
62.% of all of his campaign contribution since 1999 has gone to Republican candidates
Political Campaign Contributions by Donald Trump (1999 to Present) - $898,300 DEMOCRAT: 37.80% REPUBLICAN: 62.20%
Yet the GOP still conludes with Media to sink his polling numbers and his popularity.
Endorsements for the Republican Party presidential primaries, 2016
Nine New Hampshire State Representatives: 
Jenn Coffey (former),[347] 
Paula Johnson (former),[347] 
South Carolina State Senator: John Russell (former, also former rep, son of former Governor Donald S. Russell)[358][359]
South Carolina State Representative: James H. Merrill (former Majority Leader)[358][359]
Alabama State Representative: Ed Henry.[360]
Business people
Mark Cuban, businessman and owner of Dallas Mavericks [361]
Carl Icahn, billionaire activist investor[362][363]
Charles Kushner, real estate developer and co-owner of Kushner Properties[364]
Jared Kushner, businessman, co-owner of Kushner Properties, owner of The New York Observer, son-in-law of the candidate[364]
Phil Ruffin, businessman and partner of Trump Hotel Las Vegas[365]
Ivanka TrumpEric TrumpDonald Trump Jr., daughter and sons of the candidate, EVPs of The Trump Organization[366][367]
Celebrities, Commentators, and Activists
Alan Cobb, former political adviser to Koch Industries[368][369]
Tom BradyNFL quarterback[370]
Ann Coulter, political commentator and writer[371]
Adam Curry, political commentator and former MTV VJ[372][page needed]
Mike Ditka, retired NFL coach and television commentator[373]
Lou Ferrigno, actor and bodybuilder[374]
Jim Gilchrist, leader and co-founder of the Minuteman Project[375]
Michael Glassner, political operative, former senior aide to Sen. Bob Dole and Sarah Palin[376][377][378][379]
Hulk Hoganprofessional wrestler, actor, television personality, entrepreneur, and musician[380]
Tim Jost, deputy finance director on Romney for Governor, deputy CFO and assistant treasurer for Romney'12[376]
Corey Lewandowski, national director of voter registration of Americans for Prosperity[376][381]
Matt Light, retired NFL offensive tackle [382]
Ted Nugent, musician, singer-songwriter and political activist[383]
Sam Nunberg, former director of the Middle East Forum's Legal Project and deputy political director of the American Center for Law & Justice[368][376]
Terrell Owens, retired NFL wide receiver and television personality[384][385]
Trisha Paytas, YouTube personality and entertainer[386]
Dennis Rodman, retired professional basketball player and television personality[387][388]
Michael Savage, radio host[389][390] (before Trump announced, Savage endorsed Ted Cruz and Rand Paul)[391]
Ivana Trump, ex-wife of the candidate, socialite and former athlete and fashion model[394]
Herschel Walker, retired NFL running back[395]
Chuck Yeager, retired Air Force brigadier general and record-setting test pilot[396]
Iowa: Sam Clovis (talk radio personality, also ran for Senate'14),[397]
Chuck Laudner (political operative, former Iowa GOPexecutive director and chief of staff to U.S. Rep. Steve King, Iowa manager for Santorum'12),[376][398][399][400] 
Chris Hupke(president of the SD Family Policy Council),[376][401] Ryan Keller (political operative),[376][401] 
New Hampshire: Andrew Georgevits (vice chairman of Concord City GOP),[376] 
Matt Ciepielowski (former NH field director of Americans for ProsperityRon Paul'12 Louisiana regional coordinator),[376][402] 
Jerry DeLemus (former Marine, arranger of NH"Draw Muhammad" art contest)[352][353][403]
South Carolina: 
Jeff Taillon (former director of advance under Governor Nikki Haley)[359][376]
California: Jamiel Shaw Sr and Iraq war veteran 
Sgt. Anita Shaw, parents of Jamiel Shaw Jr., high school football player killed by an illegal immigrant[404][405]

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