Sunday, September 20, 2015

Donald Trump Reveals 25 Personal Things About Himself: I’m actually very modest

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has never been one to hold back what’s on his mind, especially in recent months. 
Back in May 2010, Trump, then the host of The Celebrity Apprentice, opened up to Us Weekly with 25 fun facts about himself. He revealed some of his favorite foods, how he gets to work every day, and even gave a shout-out to his immigrant mother. In honor of #TBT, take a look at his list:
1. I ride an elevator to work. It’s my greatest luxury.
2. I do my own hair (but my wife cuts it).
3. I like cherry-vanilla ice cream.
4. I don’t use an intercom in the office.
5. I’m 6-foot-3.
6. I often have mirrors, chairs, and sinks in my front office in order to decide what’s best for my buildings.
7. I have one of Shaq‘s shoes in my office.
8. I like See’s Candies.
9. Citizen Kane is my favorite movie.
10. I turn off the lights when I leave a room.
11. I like to read history, biographies, and the New York Post‘s Page Six.
12. I don’t drink coffee, tea, or alcohol.
13. I love spending time with my family.
14. I like to drive myself when I’m out of the city.
15. I scrape the toppings off my pizza — I never eat the dough.
16. I love Scotland, where my mother was born, and where I’m developing a golf course.
17. I ask a lot of questions.
18. I’m very approachable.
19. I like hamburgers.
20. I like having dinner at home with my family.
21. My sister Maryanne makes meatloaf for me on my birthday.
22. I eat lunch at my desk.
23. I have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
24. “You’re fired!” is the No. 3 greatest TV catchphrase of all time.
25. I’m actually very modest.
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