Sunday, September 20, 2015

Donald Trump In Depth Interview With Wall Street Journal-Video

Donald Trump: "Enough With the Nice!"

Trump is being asked substance questions by WSJ reporter and this is one of the interviews Trump has given. Published on Sep 13, 2015
In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump spoke about his tax plan, his rising poll numbers and how he will handle the next phase of his presidential campaign.
WSJ, This is one of the better interviews that I have seen of Trump in a long time. The WSJ interviewer is very professional and does a good job. By the way, I will vote for Trump if the choice comes down to him versus that repulsive Clinton woman in November 2016.
This interview is very professional. Great job excellent. Journalist should be asking questions like these instead of bashing him with his hair, or war on women, or asking him questions about his bankruptcy.
Best interview yet.
Donald trump is a very successful patriot. ...that is exactly what America needs. TRUMP 2016 !
A journalist that's actually a journalist? Who would have thought!
It must be insanely stressful to run for president of America, you gotta have steel nerves and endless perseverance.
At first liberals laughed at Trump running, but now after the polls they fear him running.
what a gentlemen, he open the door for her....did anyone catch that? I still open doors for women. that's the way it should be.
+The Great Restoration The Left will attack him for that too.
Nice = political correctness. We need to do away with this BS right now and get a president who has the United State's best interest on top of the list instead of constantly kissing every other country's ass! Trump 2016!!!!!!!!!!!
Trump is essentially a nationalist, but not in the idea of ethnic nationalism, but civic and cultural nationalism. He shows he is a nationalist because of his love for this country, our way of life, and placing the American interest above others, and the passion and energy in his speeches. Donald Trump is a real American, and I support him; Do you support the real Americans?
Top journalist- top president!
This is a very good interview. When she talks about getting tired I thought that was interesting and Trump understood what she was getting at. The guy is a hard worker and Obama is lazy.
Why can't most of his interviews be like this, mature substantive and intelligent.

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