Saturday, September 19, 2015

Carly Fiorina Expose: The Jig Is Up Conservative Credentials REVOKED

Jerry Perenchio former Chairman and CEO Univision TV and now CEO of Chartwell Partners, is Carly for America largest contributor $1,559,750 .
Carly has called Trump’s immigration plans “inhumane,” you can guess where Fiorina gets such ideas. She was National Finance Co-Chair for McCain’s 2008 campaign and she supported the “Gang of Eight” immigration plan.
Appearing on Meet the Press, she said “I applaud and salute the Gang of Eight`s proposal. Let`s move forward and vote on that.”
Carly’s conservative record can be questioned:
From her praise of Jesse Jackson, her admiration for Hillary Clinton, her support for the Wall Street bailouts, to her qualified support for the Obama stimulus, to her past support for taxation of sales on the Internet, to her waffling on immigration, to her support for Sonia Sotomayor, to her Master’s thesis advocating greater federal control of local education, her statement to the San Francisco Chronicle editorial board that Roe v. Wade is a decided issue,”
Carly Fiorina’s oft-repeated claim to be a “lifelong conservative.
Fiorina received the endorsement of major DC “pro-life” groups the Susan B. Anthony List and National Right to Life Committee —
As CEO of HP, Carly Fiorina the below bombs on conservatives:
She endorsed the California DREAM Act, which grants in-state tuition to illegal immigrants.
She refused to endorse California’s Proposition 23, which suspends the job-killing AB 32 climate-change law.
Other Facts about Carly
According to Fact Checkers on Fiorina From CNN Debate Her Nose
Should Have Grown Longer by This AM
Lucent Technologies Employee To Trump On Carly Fiorina SHE Put our Company in the ground-Video
Carly Fiorina Calls Islam Civilization was “Greatest in the World” After WTC Bombing
Carly Fiorina blasts Barbara Boxer’s hair and Meg Whitman on hot mic
 She's no outsider in 2008 she was National Financial C0-Chair of John
McCain's campaign.

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  1. I thought she reminded me of Hillary. The facts presented above validated my theories. When I watched her attitude on the CNN "debate" I mentioned to family and friends who were watching with me "she's a witch like Hillary". She disgusts me. She's not a Republican. She's Democrat Light. We don't need another NUT in the White House. She's another in dozens of Reasons as To Why We Need Trump to Save Our Nation.


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