Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Arizona: Private Prison Gravy Train

Since 2008, the legislature and Republican governor have increased funding for prisons by 33%. At the same time decreasing education funding by up to 67%. And get this, requests for another $77 million to the Department of Corrections through 2017 are in the works.

Republican leaders continue to give private prisons sweetheart multi-million contracts while decimating school funding.
We need to reset our priorities. I don’t doubt the Department of Correction’s claim that staff are underpaid, but so are teachers. They are at the very bottom of the country according to a recent report. Higher education is becoming out of reach for Arizona families.
As long as I’m elected, I’ll make sure to keep Arizona residents my focus. Help me continue working for District 24 and make a contribution to our campaign here.
Go on Twitter and Facebook to #AskDuceyWhy he puts private prison corporations before Arizona families.
Lela Alston

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