Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Arizona Democrats: A long term plan For Education


 Arizona Democrats put forth an education funding plan that replenishes some of the resources that have been slashed from schools since 2009 without raiding the voter approved State Land Trust Fund, or the First Things First Fund.
Our plan:
  • Supports a long-term investment and the foundation for Arizona’s future economic success
  • Provides nearly $4 billion for public education during the first 10 years and protects funding levels after that
  • Does not rob future generations by harming the principal of the state land trust fund
  • Does not raise taxes and can be implemented immediately
This plan also complies with the court order on which Republican leaders continue to drag their feet. Rather than listen to the will of voters and fund children’s education they’ve been playing political games to intimidate education advocates.
As long as I continue to represent Arizona families I will make sure there are alternatives to Republican leaderships’ draconian education policies. Please support us by forwarding this information and sharing it with your social networks with the graphic below.

Lela Alston

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