Monday, August 24, 2015


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A fellow veteran sent me information about this today. He had received the information and questionnaire in the mail. It is from the Department of Veterans Affairs and is soliciting veterans to participate in the Million Veteran Project (MVP). It is a project supposedly to study genetics and veteran health. However, the veterans are asked to not only provide information on their physical health, but also their mental and emotional health, and that of their family members.
          Much of that information is similar to what the VA is using to have veterans declared incompetent to handle their own financial affairs and then have their names placed on the NICS list by the FBI so the veterans cannot own or purchase firearms due to a “mental defect”.
          The entire letter and questionnaire has been published on a website called the twentiethman. I have also confirmed that it is for real by looking at the Veterans Affairs website. The actual link is below:
          As a veteran and constitutional lawyer I find this very troubling. I encourage all of my fellow veterans to carefully read this questionnaire and consider whether you can reap any benefits from participating in this program. Proceed cautiously and consider the possible implications to your Constitutional rights. Please pass this on to all of the veterans you know.
Michael Connelly