Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Koch Brothers Bought The AZ Governor Ducey-Don't Let Them Buy A President

Gov. Doug Ducey
AZCentral Ducey to attend Koch Summit
AZ Governor Doug Ducey tried to keep his remarks yesterday to the Koch Brothers' retreat quiet, but POLITICO is reporting that Ducey isn't just embracing his Dark Money overlords -- he's gloating about what they've done for him.
Ducey is the example of what the Koch brothers want from an elected official. He hid behind Dark Money to get elected, and
Now he's doling out favors to the plutocrats who financed his campaign.
Doug Ducey is appearing at a closed-door summit where the Koch Brothers are choosing how to spend their hundreds of millions of anonymous corporate dollars. They're parading presidential candidates around and forcing them to commit to eliminating environmental regulations, employee protections and crucial social programs. 
You know the model candidate the Koch Brothers will point to? Doug Ducey. 
Ducey has slashed higher education to finance major handouts to the same corporations that bankrolled his campaign. For Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker, the Koch Brothers have one message: Be Like Doug Ducey. 
Question: What'd AZ Governor Doug Ducey do on this summer ?
Answer: Fly to the Koch Brothers' retreat to bow down to his Dark Money overlords