Monday, August 3, 2015

Koch Brothers Network Makes A New Deal to share voter data with RNC-aligned firm

A data management company financed by a political network backed by Charles and David Koch has struck a new deal to share voter data in the 2016 cycle with a private firm aligned with the Republican National Committee, signaling a tentative truce between the rival data operations.
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Data Trust, which has an exclusive list-exchange agreement with the RNC, will swap information again with i360, a company that manages its own database for groups in the Koch network and other political clients, according to four people familiar with the arrangement.

Officials with both companies declined to comment. > The partnership -- similar to one that the two entities had in 2014 -- means that the eventual GOP presidential nominee will have a voter file enriched with data gathered by other Republican contenders, as well as Koch-backed groups such as Americans for Prosperity.

While the RNC provides its voter file directly to GOP presidential candidates and state parties, Data Trust swaps lists with independent groups such as American Crossroads and American Action Network. Through an application interface created by Data Trust, the party and outside groups that are its clients can access and update profiles of individual voters, allowing the RNC to enrich its master voter file.

A parallel effort is run by i360, a private firm financed by Freedom Partners, a nonprofit backed by the Kochs and other wealthy conservatives. The company -- which has its own individual-level database of 250 million Americans culled from voter registration files, consumer data and social media profiles -- provides data and technology to groups in the Koch network, as well as GOP campaigns and vendors. Read Full article
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