Friday, August 21, 2015

“Citizens for Trump” Launches and the Race Just Changed


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Pledge your vote and support today for Donald Trump for President.
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Patriotic Warriors conservative activist organization has launched the “Citizens for Trump” website to take an active role in helping to elect Donald J. Trump as the next President of the United States.
The new all-volunteer campaign was put in place to provide conservative grassroots support for the Donald J. Trump for President campaign according to its organizers.Citizens for Trump believes that Donald Trump is the most viable candidate out of the Republican field of candidates that can actually win the general election for the GOP, and is also the only candidate who can actually begin the restoration process for the United States of America immediately.
The stated goal of Citizens for Trump campaign was created to build volunteer army ofgrassroots activists to work (volunteer) to help support Mr. Trump’s campaign. The volunteers will be working in a variety of capacities ranging from the typical duties of “door-knocking, putting out yard signs etc.” to “Internet rapid responding on social media sites” when negative and untruthful information is being spread.
Patriotic Warriors’ goal is to win this election and start rebuilding our great nation for this generation of Americans, and generations of Americans to come. “Mr. Trump is the only candidate with the expertise to deal with the ballooning debt which is permanently crippling our nation, restructure trade negotiations to bring jobs back to America, deal with our national security risks,  fix our border and immigration issues,  re-build our military, and support our veterans.  Donald J. Trump is the obvious choice to lead America back to both prosperity and prominence on the world stage”, said the organization leadership.
Citizens For Trump organizers are requesting all fellow conservatives SIGN THE PLEDGE TO VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP, and get involved by joining the grassroots base of volunteers, who are actively engaged in making a difference now.
You can find Citizens For Trump on Twitter; or join their Facebook page at;
My Fellow Americans; I want to conclude this with a plea to all of America.
We can all disagree on our many social issues such as gay marriage, or whether to abolish the Department of Education or whether we should fly a Confederate Flag in Alabama. There are many, many issues that determine “who is conservative“, but then we have to ask “who is the judge of what conservatism is“? 
There are but one or two issues in this upcoming primary season and general election that we should be voting on and ONLY those one or two issues. Because the hard truth is America, if these one or two issues are not corrected, we literally will not have an America any longer. 
  1. We have a debt ceiling that is on the verge of taking down our United States dollar in the world community. There is nobody in this race that has more expertise with economies than Donald Trump. That is just a fact my friends. If our dollar collapses, we are finished! All of these other issues such as immigration, gay marriage and the list is long indeed, become moot if we have a collapsed economy. 
  2. National security; This is an issue that needs addressed NOW! Donald Trump is probably the only person in this race that will not play politics with Iran or our national defense system. He doesn’t give a rip about the military industrial complex or what “they want to build or not build” and he will clean up the budgeting system for the military which is long over due as well. 
I fully realize that many of my patriot brothers and sisters love Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina and many other candidates. I know this. Senator Cruz’s day will come and he might even be chosen as a Vice Presidential pick this time. Rand Paul’s day will come, both are young and both are full of energy. But the fact is, these issues of rebuilding our economy NOW is so critical that this one issue surpasses all the other issues on the scale of what is important by light years.
Please go to the links above, pledge your support and get involved! 
Crows Nest Politics is one of the sponsor’s of this grassroots movement known as “Citizens For Trump” and we need your help also to help this great effort along.We will be holding rallies and much more in the coming year and are going to need all the help we can get. Click on the link in upper right hand corner of this page. The Donate button goes to Pay Pal and is secure. 
Thanks you for your efforts PATRIOT’S; let us go forth and win back our nation! It’s time to; “Make America Great Again”!
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