Wednesday, August 5, 2015

AZ Rep Matt Salmon Press Release and Action

Congressman  Matt Salmon
Rep. Salmon Responds to President Obama’s Proposed Restrictions on America’s Power Plants
Washington, D.C. — Rep. Matt Salmon (AZ-05) today responded to the President’s latest executive action titled the “Clean Power Plan.”
“As many Americans struggle to find good-paying jobs and make ends meet during this President’s protracted recession, this Administration is focused on raising the cost of just getting by.  Having already failed to get his proposal through Congress during his first term, President Obama is again resorting to ‘my way or the high way’ tactics, choosing to make an end-run around Congress and rule by fiat.
Meet the REINS Act, and this year’s final SOS bill.
On Wednesday, I introduced the final bill in this year’s Shrink our Spending (SOS) program.  This last bill would save you $804,000 by cutting funding for a ridiculous bit of government waste—Kiddio: Food Fight.  This “game,” currently under development by the NIH, would train parents to feed their children a certain way.  I, for one, believe that parents are capable of knowing what is best for their children, and if this game would generate interest that remotely justified a $1.55 million investment, any of the plentiful video game companies would have gladly funded its production.