Monday, August 17, 2015

Arizona-Outrageous redecorating continues while Budgets burn ...

Outrageous redecorating and spending continues while Budgets burn ...
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And we don’t have $244 per month for SNAP to feed a hungry mouth?

It sets my "Hair on Fire" when I read about these self-aggrandizing idiots.  

These guys are not Conservatives. They are masking as champions of the taxpayer.

They are in and out of government jobs and have become accustomed to
riding high in the cotton and ensuring their private sector buds get to ride

If they aren’t smart enough to wash the carpets, use some elbow grease and wash
down the furniture, and put some throw rugs down for a few more years, they
have learned nothing about how real people live in tight times, and they never will.

While on the taxpayer’s dime, how about for once, when the Budget is tight, stay
at a Motel on the outskirts of Washington D.C., use the METRO, and grab a Value Meal, rather than living it up at the finest hotels and glitzy grub joints in the City? Ask their buddy boy legal beagles to do the same with respect to State business.

They simply don’t see it as YOUR money that they are spending.
And no source of training or marketing will ever change their spots.

Anybody with common sense knows that Gowan will take his big
government spending crap all the way to Washington with him if he ever
gets through a Primary in CD1. He better think twice about leaving the
feathered nest he sit in right now.
House Speaker needs to stop playing 'interior decorator'