Sunday, July 12, 2015

Take the Survey-You Can Choose Three GOP Candidates for 2016 Nominee-Make Your Voice Heard

Choose your 3 choices for 2016 Republican candidate

Make your voice heard within the GOP. Your opportunity to let the Republican party know who you would like as the 2016 candidare for President. You get to choose three.
Donald Trump Visits Phoenix Seeking GOP Nomination

Donald Trump joined the field last week and he's made quite an impression on voters and the public, especially through his visit to Phoenix this weekend as he seeks the highest office in the nation. His website is here and there's an online presidential straw poll hosted by the Republican National Committee here. Who do you support for the nomination? Arizona is ground zero for many issues which the rest of the nation is paying attention to: illegal immigration, state deficits and balanced budgets, entrepreneurship and free enterprise. And great soccer players!