Thursday, July 9, 2015

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump "On the Record" said the country is “more important than his company” Video

Despite losing several corporate partnerships over the past several days for comments made about Mexican immigrants, namely illegal immigrants,

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said the country is “more important than his company” and he will continue with his campaign. “It’s unbelievable,” the real estate mogul told Greta Van Susteren on her Fox News program Tuesday. “One was a banquet and one was a simple golf outing,” he said, referring to the events that were dropped. “The whole thing is crazy.”

Trump gave his thoughts as to why he was being criticized. “Why are they coming at me? Because I’m against illegal immigration,” Trump said. “I speak up for the country … I’m totally opposed to it … Frankly, people have given me great credit for talking about it. I brought a subject to light.” Van Susteren asked Trump if he lamented the increased scrutiny and would potentially drop out of the race. “No, I love it. I’m bringing … lots of different elements that are very important,” he answered. “We have incompetent leadership, we have leaders that don’t know anything about negotiating, we’re getting killed by China, we’re getting killed by Mexico, we’re getting killed by Japan.” “I want to make America great again; that’s more important to me than my company,” Trump stated. “We will never be great if we keep going like this, we will never be great again as a country.”