Sunday, July 12, 2015

Is It Time for Republicans to Ditch Dissing Trump and Start on Scott Walker?

While the RNC and Republicans other than Senator Cruz are disparaging Donald Trump on his past, present and possible future as the 2016 GOP presidential nominee they have turned a blind eye to Scott Walker’s present day woe’s..Are they ignoring his woes' because the Koch Brothers want him to be the 2016 GOP nominee and he is from RNC chairmans home state.
Image result for scott walker with koch brothers
 The billionaire Koch brothers indicated during an event on Monday that they will likely support Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) to be the Republican presidential nominee. According to two New York Times sources who attended the New York State Republican Party fundraiser, David Koch told the crowd that Walker should be the Republican nominee.

And we are still waiting on the Wisconsin Supreme Court to rule in three cases in the summer of 2015 that will determine whether the “John Doe” investigations into illegal campaign coordination, and separate but related criminal investigations initiated by Milwaukee County prosecutors, can be revived or must be ended for good. John Doe Investigations – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.