Tuesday, July 28, 2015

ICYMI: Sunday Shows-Trump Dominates 7-26-15

Trump: RNC officials are being 'really nice’   The turnaround follows an interview in The Hill in which he threatened a third-party run.  http://hill.cm/S8xrMmf
Poll: Despite McCain comments, Trump atop GOP field   “There's a movement going on, this is more than me,” Trump said Sunday morning.  http://hill.cm/WFhX71Z
Trump on immigration: Get rid of 'bad dudes'   "I don’t mean Mexico, they come from all over," Trump added.  http://hill.cm/bgbbn3V
Paul: Trump getting 'a billion dollars of free advertising'   "I think we're still doing quite well," Paul said of his own campaign.  http://hill.cm/7YkAXOn
Perry digs in against Trump   "I've had to live in the real world and deal with real-world issues," he said.  http://hill.cm/hqouLCF
Graham: Trump 'appealing to the dark side' of politics   "He is basically selling fear and prejudice," Graham said.  http://hill.cm/At78OxY
Paul: Clinton email probe requests 'pretty damning'   "I don't understand how she can skate by," Paul said.  http://hill.cm/VoAD2DO
Fiorina: Clinton 'broke the rules' on email   "Of course she's engaged in a cover up," the GOP presidential candidate said.  http://hill.cm/VNvFLBY
Sanders defends record on guns, 'Black Lives Matter'   “I didn’t have a confrontation [with Black Lives Matter],” Sanders said.  http://hill.cm/JLO0oE7
Planned Parenthood exec condemns attack by 'militant' anti-abortion group   Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards called the hidden-camera footage "sensationalized.”  http://hill.cm/ez9WI4N
Rand Paul plans to keep pushing to defund Planned Parenthood   "People are outraged by this," the GOP presidential candidate said.  http://hill.cm/WhHm0js
Attorney general: Scope of ISIS threat still undetermined   “It's as serious, if not more serious a threat, than al Qaeda,” Lynch said.  http://hill.cm/tHxUhZL
Kasich pledges 'boots on the ground' to fight ISIS   “I would be part of a coalition and I would take them down,” Kasich said.  http://hill.cm/EeOK1xq 
Jindal: Theater shooter should not have gotten gun   "That never should have happened," Jindal said.  http://hill.cm/RKO27vc
Lynch: Sandra Bland case highlights concerns of black community   She said training in de-escalating incidents has been an important part of debate.  http://hill.cm/Ky8I5sb