Monday, July 20, 2015

Donald Trump Speech Right on the Money at Phoenix Event-McCain Needs to Apologize for "Crazies" Remark

From Gina D’Ambrosio who attended the Trump event in Phoenix.
We All Voted for McCain many times and he lost 2 bids for the presidency, he should have gracefully retired 10 years ago, but he is selfish and an “OLD HACK” ….This time around Arizona will have a WOMAN SENATOR… MC Cain needs to apologize to all of us for calling us “Crazies”  He needs to stop peddling that idiot buddy of his Lindsey Graham… Trump was right on the Money when he made the comment about McCain… McCain Shot his mouth off and started this …

Fox news needs to get off of this kick of defending McCain…maybe we should boycott some of these networks !