Friday, July 31, 2015

AZ Governor Doug Ducey Still SUCKING UP to Koch Brothers

AZ Governor Doug Ducey to attend Koch brothers event this weekend in Dana Point California.
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Gov. Doug Ducey, elected last year with the help of a group linked to the Koch brothers, is headed to California this weekend to meet with them and some of their colleagues.
Its ties to Ducey and Arizona politics actually go back three years, to when Ducey was leading the campaign to defeat a proposition that would have implemented a permanent 1 cent sales tax, largely to fund education. Americans for Responsible Leadership put $500,000 into killing that 2012 ballot measure. Former Arizona House Speaker Kirk Adams, head of that group, has said its money came from the Center to Protect Patient Rights, which is now American Encore.MORE HERE
Gov. Doug Ducey, whose campaign benefited from the spending of “dark money” non-profits linked to the billionaire Koch brothers
Ducey received millions of dollars in dark money during his campaign. And since taking office, one group, American Encore, spent money during the legislative session to bolster Ducey’s education agenda with robocalls that blasted a school superintendent who, with robocalls of his own, had asked parents to contact political leaders to object to Ducey’s proposal to reduce non-classroom spending. Source: AZ Central