Monday, July 6, 2015

Arizona's 40th annual Nude Recreation Week Starting July 11th

Arizonans ready to help set skinny-dip record. Maybe you skinny dipped at some point in your life.
Maxine Cherry waters flowers at her home at the Shangri-La
Maxine Cherry waters flowers at her home at the Shangri-La Ranch, a clothing-optional and family-friendly community in New River, on Saturday, June 20, 2015. (Photo: David Wallace/The Republic)
Maybe it was a carefree swim in the lake as a kid, on a dare with high-school friends or as a grown-up nighttime adventure at the beach.  But would you have done it with 300 strangers? The American Association for Nude Recreation invites anyone to strip off their clothes and jump into one of its club pools in an attempt to set a skinny-dip record. It's part of the 40th annual Nude Recreation Week, a campaign to invite anyone who is curious to check out a local club or a Naturist Society Club, and maybe even join.

At noon Arizona time Saturday, participants will skinny dip at designated beaches, pools, lakes and hot tubs throughout North North America and try to break the organization's 2009 record of 13,648 skinny dippers.

The attempt is not sanctioned by "Guinness World Records"; that would be difficult because Guinness officials would have to be at every location. Seven locations in Arizona have signed up to participate, as have dozens more across the United States and Canada. Source