Monday, June 1, 2015

US Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) Takes To Social Media About Social Security and Medicare-See Comments

Darrell Issa
In 1950, for every one retired American receiving benefits, there were 16 working Americans paying into the system. Today, only three working Americans are paying into the system for every retired American drawing benefits. By 2030 – about when the youngest of the boomers turns 65 – that ratio will drop to two working Americans paying for every one recipient, meaning an older American drawing on these benefits will essentially be supported by a working couple somewhere.

If we are going to protect the social safety net that our citizens need and expect, we cannot afford to waste time tinkering at the edges. We need a SERIOUS conversation about how to save Medicare and Social Security that includes topics like the formula for cost-of-living adjustments, retirement age, and whether our resources are truly taking care of those most in need.
Joe Papa 3 things you failed to address
1. The government dipping into the social security fund WITHOUT repaying a single penny !!!
2. welfare and other handouts at taxpayer's expense !!!...See More
Karen Redman sorry but Social Security is not an entitlement......we have paid into it!!!!!
Joanne Rooney Darrell Issa Social Security and Medicare ARE NOT ENTITLEMENTS . . . We the People are forced into paying into these programs . . . we are not given a choice in the matter . . . YOU, THE CONGRESS, have raided these funds instead of investing the funds ...See More
Geneva Brummitt Stop paying S.S. to Non-Americans who NEVER paid into it, and If your going to ALLOW them to stay in America, then you need to make them pay back every penny they have already gotten!!!!!
Ann Gillen Why are we always hearing about Social Security, which we paid into our whole working lives, going broke but never hear that EBT food stamps or welfare, which wasn't taken out of paychecks, going broke!!!!!

Jennifer Gray-Wolford SS is NOT an entitlement. I have paid into it since I was 15. And won't see a penny.