Monday, June 29, 2015

Texas Senator Ted Cruz "A Time For Truth" Reveals Family Struggles

Revealed: The tragedy of White House hopeful Ted Cruz's sister - how 'loving' girl became 'angry' prescription drug addict and serial shoplifter who died of overdose

  • Ted Cruz's new memoir is available from Amazon 
  • Ted Cruz's new memoir is available from Amazon 
  • Republican conservative Ted Cruz has written about how his sister Miriam died of a drug overdose after a life of crime
  • Cruz, who is running for the White House and has published a new memoir which discusses her death in 2012 aged 49
  • Daily Mail Online has pieced together full story of how she divorced her felon husband, then suffered a car crash and became addicted to painkillers
  • She turned to shoplifting and had a lengthy criminal file when she died in Darby, PA, from an accidental overdose 
  • Cruz reveals that he paid for military school for her son despite being deep in debt himself and praises young man for making life for himself. Read More