Friday, June 26, 2015

Republicans Had Five Years To Submit A Plan to Replace ACA Nada-Nothing

Sorry but, Republican had 5 years and DID NOT submit a written plan to the American Voters, They had every opportunity when “W’ was in the White House and controlled the Congress and did absolutely nothing… Democrats won big time on this one and with good reason…they care about us!  Republicans still have no plan!

Today we have NO more doughnut hole for prescription drugs, we cannot be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition an we keep our doctors and much more…. 

I have not met anyone who lost their physician.  Keep in mind the Republican owned Insurance Lobby,
Private Hospitals like Mayo and Private practice especially, physicians are in this for money!  Mayo will not except Medicare …so much for mankind…it’s all about money with them same with cancer centers of America!

They need you to pay for their luxury suites, hospital room that look like the Ritz, actually cheaper per day at the Ritz and they all have : They use medical assistants because their cheap instead of a nursing staff!

“Golden Parashute” Healthcare plans paid by the Taxpayers that even include their families for life ! You bet they are crying…just like they did when Medicare came out, same old stuff and called ia socialized medical entitlement.  It is not an entitlement, we pay for it and have great affordable coverage enjoyed by millions of Americans! (h/t Reader)