Monday, June 22, 2015

My Meeting With Former Texas Governor Rick Perry and 2016 Presidential Candidate Perry Is Back on His Game Video/Audio

Boy was I impressed when I met Governor Perry a few years back in Austin, Texas at a Red State Rally.
He was charismatic the night before when he attended a welcoming party and greeting everyone.
The next morning he was the featured speaker and without notes or a teleprompter he spoke for over 30 minutes giving facts about Texas. I was surprised when he wasn't on his game in his first run for President. Video on Barbara's Channel

My friend Gay and I went to Iowa to work on Perry’s first Presidential run and you could see he wasn’t on his game. We were disappointed when he announced he was dropping out.
Perry has his MOJO back and it shows.

Rick Perry Presidential Announcement Speech
What they are saying about "Dynamic Speech"

Listen to his interview with Newt on Hair on Fire News Talk Radio