Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mark Levin's long list of Democratic involvement with Dixie

We need to defend our American heritage against a leftist political movement using tactics based in hate, division, and race
"If you haven't been listening to Mark Levin, catch the podcast.
I've been working hard today, and has a long list of Democrat involvement with Dixie, with overt racism, with oppression, with KKK membership, etc etc.  

The democrat party owns the KKK in the 1870s, it owns the Repeal Act in the 1890's (repealing all the Republican civil rights legislation passed since the civil war), it owns Wilson's RESEGRATION of Washington DC's federal buildings and workplaces after they'd been mandated to be integrated for the fifty years since the war ended, it owns Jim Crow laws, lynchings, the poll tax, it owns FDR's selection of a Klan lawyer (Hugo Black) as his first Supreme Court pick, it owns the placement of the rebel flag over the Capitol grounds in SC in the fifties to intimidate black people as the struggle for civil rights unfolded, it owns the Great Society bomb that destroyed the black family, it owns the Carter Presidency (Jesse Jackson called Carter "the softer version of the racist standing in the schoolhouse door" or something like that, during the primary season of '76), it owns inner cities and 70% fatherless black children, a destroyed local economy, unemployment thru the roof, failure of education and lack of job skills and the almost complete unbelief in self and self-reliance of American black people today, and every failure of government at every level to do anything for black people other than herd them together to make majorities so that representatives can be elected. Democrats have been a nonstop disaster for black people in America, quite literally since the founding of their party.