Friday, June 12, 2015

I'm asking for Money for the Arizona Fallen Firefighters and Emergency Paramedics Memorial Fund

Arizona Fallen Firefighters and Emergency Paramedics Memorial
We need donations, A Check of any size is appreciated and your contribution is TAX deductible. Click below for more details and Thanks a Million….. “Be part of making this happen”  Click to donate to Arizona Fallen Firefighter Memorial Fund

In the past 111 years, more than 105 known heroes lost their lives in the line of duty. No statewide memorial exists. Forty other states have such statewide memorials. Recent losses include fire fighters, paramedics, forest service personnel and others, all dedicated to protecting Arizona citizens from fire, flood and accidents. The Arizona Firefighters & Emergency Paramedics Memorial will be a living memorial honoring early deaths and, sadly enough, preparing for continuous growth.
Open space will be integral to the site, allowing families, individuals and groups to have a quiet moment, to sit and remember and to learn about these heroes. 100% of donations made to the Fund will go directly towards memorial construction for these fallen heroes.
Find the meeting agenda for the upcoming Arizona Firefighters and; Emergency Paramedics Memorial Commission, here.