Monday, June 8, 2015

California Sinking?

For decades California has been under political and financial siege by labor unions partnering with state politicians to press their political agendas. The poor financial condition of the state of California is indicative of the symbiotic relationship of labor and politics which serves to benefit each other to the detriment of its citizens (see Symbiotic Relationship that Short Changes Americans). Despite the fact that many Californians recognize that big labor represents an oppressive cost which is destroying the state, they are currently fighting a losing battle and it continues to get progressively worse (see Big Labor Racket Being Exposed and The elephant in the political spending room). Recently, union members themselves became concerned of Big Labor’s agenda and began mounting a push back (see Push Back Against Big Labor’s Agenda).
In June 2014, Mariam Noujaim -- whose fight against union corruption is documented in
The Devil at Our Doorstep -- and her fellow SEIU Local 1000 members ran a campaign to have members’ dues reduced by the amount the SEIU used for political purposes. Overcoming tremendous odds, they won a major victory as almost 50% of the members had their dues reduced by nearly 50% (see Rank and File Union Membership Post Victories). However, Mariam and her partners continue to believe that the SEIU’s use of dues money is tied to its political ambitions. They are once again mounting a campaign to get the rest of Local 1000 members to sign up and reduce the SEIU’s political money reserves. Please see the Local 1000 voting form below and help Mariam any way you can!
DILLS ACT: reduce your union dues by approx. 50%
(MAIL certified receipt to)(if hand delivered get a copy date stamped):
CSEA/SEIU Membership - 1108 “O” Street, Ste 415 - Sacramento, CA  95814
Letter must be received by July 1st, 2015
I am submitting this form to cancel my SEIU Local 1000 membership
I am filing for Non-Germane Objector
I object the use of my fees for activities NOT related to collective bargaining
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Cc: Lawyer James Young @
The SEIU is seeking out new allies to press its political agenda in California. They are now reaching out to Republican politicians to do their dirty work. In an excellent recently published blog, Unionization of the Republican GOP Part 1 & 2, talk show host Elise Richmond exposed the fact that unions, especially the SEIU, are making significant political contributions to the California Republican Party to elect or re-elect Republican candidates and, in turn, expect laws passed favorable to forced unionization or lucrative public collective bargaining agreements. Case in point:
“Republican Assemblyman Chad Mayes broke with his caucus on a union-supported bill. On March 24, he voted in favor of Assembly Bill 211, which puts the collective bargaining rights of all in-home support service workers — those who treat the blind, elderly and disabled where they live — into the hands of a statewide authority starting in 2016.”
In summary, California Assembly Bill 211 will allow forced unionization of home healthcare workers by making them state employees and thereby becoming subject to the unionization efforts of the SEIU. Reeling from loss of home healthcare workers in Illinois due to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruling in Harris vs. Quinn, the SEIU is attempting to rebound in California. In Harris v. Quinn, the SCOTUS handed down a narrow ruling that home healthcare workers could not be forced to pay union dues. The ruling stopped short of declaring that no public employees should be forced to be part of the union or pay union affiliation/representation fees by being designated as state employees as is the thrust of Assembly Bill 211.
The obvious question is: “Why would Republican politicians in California -- and for that matter across the country -- accept political contributions from the unions and support such legislation?” The answer is that unions are using the signature
SEIU’s Death by a Thousand Cuts Corporate Campaign used against business owners to allow forced unionization of their employees to intimidate republican politicians into supporting their agendas! Most business owners found it much easier to capitulate than to suffer the persecution and intimidation tactics of the unions and their foot soldiers. It is not surprising then that politicians are falling onto the same trap. “Trap” is the correct word, because this is all about control and turning America into a Socialistic totalitarian run country by the labor bosses and their friend in the White House (see Wake-Up and Connect the Dots… Obama Wants Us to Sign a Neutrality Agreement!). Truly, It is Time for Republicans to Go On the Offensive. Americans need to be educated, and ultimately find the intestinal fortitude to expose Union Hypocrisy, and to stand up and punch the bullies in the nose in order to Restore America’s Prosperity before all is lost! The question Californians and ultimately all Americans must ask is Do They Think We Are Idiots? Is California, and ultimately America, sinking? Unfortunately, the answer is yes, and we must realize The Taking of American Freedoms are at hand. We are at War! Armageddon is Here! Please Wake Up!