Friday, June 5, 2015

Arizona Sued by Planned Parenthood and Doctor's Over Abortion Law SB1318

Doctors Sue Arizona Over Abortion Law That 'Forces Doctors To Lie To Patients'
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Planned Parenthood, three doctors and a family planning clinic sued the state Thursday in Federal Court, for its Senate Bill 1318 , which Gov. Doug Ducey signed into law in March.
     Named as defendants are Attorney General Mark Brnovich, Department of Health Services Director Cara Christ, and dozens of members of Arizona Medical Boards.      Senate Bill 1318 requires that a woman who seeks an abortion must be told by a medical professional within 24 hours of the procedure that it may be possible to reverse the effects of a medicated abortion if she changes her mind.     "(T)he act compels plaintiffs, against their medical judgment and in violation of medical ethics, to convey to their patients a state-mandated message that is not medically or scientifically supported and that is antithetical to the purpose of informed consent," the lawsuit states. The doctors say this also violates their First Amendment rights.