Monday, May 18, 2015

Response to Arizona Yellow Sheet-Mention of Moi as a Troublemaker

A friend sent me a copy of THE YELLOW SHEET-
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I’m offended that the Arizona Capital Times/Yellow Sheet would refer to me as a “troublemaker”(also mis-spelling my name). I don’t consider myself or anyone else who votes with their conscience not a letter next to a candidate’s name as a “troublemaker”. I consider them an independent person who thinks for themselves and not follower. When the political party that I most believe in their platform supports a candidate without vetting them and I find their background is circumspect I will not support them.I supported the candidate that had the best credentials to be governor of Arizona and will continue to do so. be
At their monthly district meeting last night, LD23 Republicans approved a large-scale change to their bylaws that several PCs suspect are aimed at allowing the committee to more easily censure Republicans they don’t like. Specifically, the sources said the new bylaws are intended to punish “troublemakers” like McCain, 2014 Senate candidate Jeff Schwartz or PC Barbara Espinoza, who publically supported DuVal over Ducey. Schwartz earned the ire of the conservative wing of the district’s PC after he took on Kavanagh in last year’s Senate race, and the district PCs have tried to censure him before because of his support for a Dem candidate last decade, only to be thwarted because he wasn’t a PC in the district at the time.
Do What's Best for Arizona Forget Party Politics-Vote Who You Believe is the Best Person?
In my humble opinion your political party registration should not discourage you from thinking for yourself and your party should not expect you to follow like sheep. I'm a registered Republican because I believed in the basic Philosophy, that doesn't mean I always agree or will follow their dictates. It also means I will treat Republican and Democrats alike and research each candidate before I make a decision who I will vote for, hopefully most of the time it will be a Republican.
The R or D next to your name on the voter polls isn’t a mandate not to think. There comes a time that following a party nominee who you know in your heart and head is not the best candidate for the state. Step up to plate and make your voice heard.
You can do a couple of things keep your mouth shut, sneak into the voting booth and no one will ever know how you voted- do I think this is dishonest, no but I think it’s cowardly.
Or you can stand up and be counted advocating for the best candidate that will be honest and move your state forward.
Personally I’m going to advocate for who I have researched and believe to be the most honest best candidate to govern Arizona, ignoring the Letter next to their name. I’ll take the hits and whatever names the GOP wants to call me. Do what you feel in your heart to be right–for you’ll be criticized anyway. be