Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Our Best Days Are Ahead -Former Texas governor Rick Perry

AUSTIN, TX -- Today, RickPAC released a new video featuring Gov. Rick Perry during his latest visit across the state of Iowa.
The Iowa Republican: "Positive Signs For Perry’s Comeback Campaign"
“The valuable lessons that Perry learned from his 2012 campaign are making him a much better candidate this time around. He may now find himself in the role of the underdog, but Perry has seemed to embrace it. While some may be quick to write him off because of his ‘oops’ moment from a Fox News debate in 2012, Perry still possesses an impressive record as governor, and he’s now been fully vetted. Perry is benefitting from having gone through the gauntlet before. It’s abundantly clear that he now understands what a candidate should be doing in a state like Iowa. It is a luxury that many first time presidential candidates don’t enjoy.”
Time Magazine: "Rick Perry Cites His Eagle Scout Rank On Campaign Trail"
“In Holstein, Perry chose as good a place as any to talk about uniformed service. The one-commercial street town, which has at its center a large granary and is in the heart of biofuel country, is predominantly traditional and in Iowa’s conservative West. There are more than 200 Eagle Scouts in the county of 7,000 people, and when Perry thanked ‘the mothers and fathers’ of Eagle Scouts, there was wild applause. Eagle Scouts and Scoutmasters dressed in full garb gathered after the town hall meeting was over and praised Perry’s time in the BSA. ‘It would throw some weight with me,’ said Jody Fraser, a Scoutmaster, said of Perry’s Eagle Scout rank. ‘I think it does mean a lot in terms of character,’ said Harry Oakley, a Marine Corps veteran and Eagle Scout who wore a felt blazer and jeans. ‘I’m glad that isn’t lost on Governor Perry.’”
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier: "Perry Bullish On America In Waterloo Stop"
“Former Texas governor and potential 2016 Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry knows there are plenty of reasons to be pessimistic about the country’s future, but he’s looking on the bright side. ‘We’ve been through a Civil War in this country. We’ve been through two World Wars. We’ve been through the Great Depression. We lived through Jimmy Carter. We will make it through Barack Obama,’ Perry told a crowd of about 40 at the Waterloo Center for the Arts on Tuesday night.”