Friday, May 29, 2015

Notice to Scottsdale Residents COX in Neighborhoods at Night This Summer

COX Communications working in neighborhoods late nights and early mornings
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Beginning this week until mid-August, COX contractors will be doing work inside their existing pedestal boxes that are located in residential front and side yards, in alleys, and in areas along commercial buildings throughout the entire city, one area at a time.  The work is being done between midnight and 8am, Monday through Friday, to minimize service disruption to Cox customers.
·       COX is placing door hangers at homes in areas that they will be working to inform the residents about the project in their neighborhood.
·       Technicians will have lights from their trucks and localized lighting around their work area.
·       Each technician will have an ID badge and their vehicle will have a magnetic sign with the contractor company’s name indicating that they are a contractor for COX. 
·       COX will schedule the work in alleys to minimize conflicts with Solid Waste trucks; however, if a COX vehicle is blocking the alley, the technicians will move their vehicle to allow the Solid Waste truck access to the alley.

For questions and comments contact the Neighborhood Resources department at (480) 312-3111 during regular business hours, or email

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