Thursday, May 7, 2015


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by Michael Connelly
For weeks I have been talking on my radio show about the fact that there are known Jihadist cells operating across our southern border in Mexico and cells within the United States. These cells are made up of foreign fighters from ISIS and Al Qaeda and they are actively recruiting American citizens and illegal aliens. I predicted that with the wide open borders illegally degreed by Obama we could be attacked in our own country soon and often.
          Unfortunately, this past Sunday night it started in Garland, TX when two jihadists attacked a group holding a cartoon contest portraying images of Mohammad. The men were armed with semi-automatic weapons and wore body armor, but the attack was a dismal failure. They apparently forgot that they were in Texas where the police are armed as was not the case during the attack on the magazine in Paris. A single Garland police officer with a pistol took out both of the attackers.
          ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, but it is questionable that it actually had operational control over the two terrorists, but it certainly inspired them. The attack on free speech in France caused the French people, the media, and people around the world to unite in support of freedom of expression and against terrorism.
          That has not been the response in this country to the Garland attack. The President has virtually ignored it with the White House again initially refusing to acknowledge that this was even a terrorist attack much less that it was conducted by radical Islamists. Now Josh Earnest is calling it an attempted terrorist attack, but refusing to mention the Islamic component. The liberals in the media have blamed the potential victims for the attack with MSNBC’s resident village idiot, Chris Matthews vehemently refusing to place any blame on the terrorists or the radical ideology they promote.
          In the meantime, it is business as usual with the Obama administration. Questions are being raised about why if one of the dead terrorists, Elton Simpson, had been under FBI and Homeland Security investigation for several years for his attempts to support ISIS he was he able to acquire the weapons and body armor to carry out this attack.
          The answer is unfortunately obvious. The priorities of the Obama administration do not have protecting Americans from Islamic terrorism anywhere near the top of the list. In fact, it doesn’t even acknowledge the existence of Islamic Terrorism. The top priority of the Department of Homeland Security is now to fast track some nine million illegals granted amnesty by Obama to citizenship status so they can vote for Democrats in the 2016 election. That is certainly more important than saving American lives, particularly in red states like Texas.
          We must remember also that according to DHS, the primary terrorist threat to America comes not from radical Islam, but from U.S. military veterans, supporters of the Second Amendment, and other “right wing” extremists. This attitude will certainly embolden the true terrorists and they will hit us hard, and once again the liberals will claim it’s our fault.
          America should be securing our southern border to stop the influx of illegals coming in from not only Mexico and Central America, but from countries like Yemen, Somalia, Syria, etc. We are not doing that. In addition, we should not be bringing in thousands of refugees from these same countries and dumping them in cities around the country without any effort to vet them, yet the Obama administration is doing just that.
          We are facing the imminent possibility of a war within our own borders and in response the liberals and our own government are stepping up their efforts to disarm the American people, with veterans being the primary target. Now we have Al Sharpton and other left wing crazies demanding that our local police departments be disarmed.
          So, it is clear that the Obama policies do not include protecting us from Jihadists or even violent criminals, particularly if they are here illegally. It is time to lock and load. If you don’t own a firearm, get one. Get as much ammunition as you can, and practice using your weapon. Stock up on emergency supplies and prepare to defend your property and your family.
          I will be delighted in a year from now if I can post an apology on this blog saying that I was all wrong, that nothing serious has happened. Unfortunately, I don’t think I will be able to do that and it is better to be safe than sorry. We are still a free people and we need to do what is necessary to stay that way.
Michael Connelly