Tuesday, May 19, 2015

AZGOP New Fundraising Tool-Join the REDROOTS CLUB-Membership has Privileges

Arizona GOP has a new deal for fundraising-Become a member join the Redroots Club. Membership has it's privilege's-the GOP will never hound you for money again.
Photo via Google Images

Membership Benefits
Current members will not receive fundraising letters from the Arizona Republican Party
Current members will not receive phone solicitations from the Arizona Republican Party
Quarterly conference call with Chairman Robert S. Graham and a special guest
Automatic monthly donation charged to your credit or debit card
Email updates
Private event at State Convention for Redroots Club members
Redroots Membership
Help us reach 10,000 supporters in the Redroots Club. By rounding up 10,000 supporters, the Arizona Republican Party will ensure your voice is heard across the great state of Arizona.