Thursday, April 16, 2015

US and Mexico Authorities Deny the Presence of Islamic Terrorists in the Border

This was a post by Judicial Watch and has been debunked by both Mexican and US.
Niegan autoridades de EU y México la presencia de terroristas islámicos en la frontera

Mexico City, April 15 (HOWEVER / El Diario) .- Authorities Customs and Border Protection (CBP) denied the presence of members of the Islamic State in Juarez, because according to the nongovernmental organization called Judicial Watch, in Anapra a terrorist camp was detected.
The state Sen. from El Paso, Jose Rodriguez, said earlier that this type of statements and rumors made by  people who don't know the reality of the border region, and also go with political intentions.
"These are comments made by members of the Republican Party to politicize the issue of security in Gaza and keep political positions," Rodriguez said.

Yesterday, for the second time in less than four months, the website of the organization issued a note which states that Mexican authorities had detected camp members ready to attack Fort Bliss, El Paso and surrounding cities Islamic State.

Authorities of the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection and Border Patrol, said they had no knowledge of any threat in the strip, and if so, It would have been detected.

The information published on the site, it states that in Anapra Juárez cartel members have been helping terrorists crossing the area, but does not specify the source that provides this statement.

The exact location of this cell, the report said the digital portal, is "about eight miles from the US border, in an area known as Anapra west of Ciudad Juarez area. Another cell is in Puerto Palomas and is eyeing the people of Columbus and Deming, New Mexico. "

By making a tour of the area it was found that residents of the colony Anapra were surprised by the version stating that the terrorist group has a strategic camp there to attack US.

No settlement as described was observed.

Inhabitants of that polygon, the extreme west of the city, said they didn't know of any alleged activity of foreign radical groups in Mexico.

This kind of news have become recurring in future elections in the United States dates.

César Muñoz Omar Morales, head of public security on this border, said no information about the presence of a cell of ISIS in that colony.

While the federal representative in the state of Texas, Beto O'Rourke, said there is not a single terrorist on the border, like Oscar Lesser, Mayor of El Paso, who said it is very difficult for the presence of these groups in the city, it is the safest US.

"It has been four years in a row, it is a safe city that can identify threats immediately, we have many agencies that cooperate with security and that is why the presence of the Islamic State border is discarded," Lesser said.
Figón Arturo Sandoval, a spokesman for the Attorney General of the State (FGE), said there is no any information about the presence of this cell at the border.
He recalled that it is the second warning in this regard, so it is indicated that create uncertainty among the population.
He tried to contact the delegate of the Attorney General of the Republic César Augusto Peniche, but was unable to contact.

Judicial Watch says during a joint operation between the Army and the Federal Police, "documents in Arabic and Urdu were found, and Fort Bliss maps and rugs for Muslim prayers".

Currently the Anapra area has been under surveillance by the Municipal Police and Unified State Police. The Mexican Army withdrew its presence years ago when the government regained control of the area, concluding Joint Operation Chihuahua.
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