Monday, April 13, 2015

Senator Marco Rubio Tosses Hat in Presidential 2016 Ring-What You Need To Know

Nine things you may not know about Rubio...
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Jeb Bush was his political mentor: The relationship between Rubio and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush goes back to 1998 when Rubio was running for West Miami city commissioner and Bush was running for governor. Just two years later, Rubio was elected to the Florida House of Representatives, and as he rose through the ranks of that chamber over the next decade, he had opportunities to work and consult with Bush. Bush gave Rubio with a sword representing conservative values in 2005 when he became the first Cuban-American House speaker in Florida's history.

1.) Rubio's wife, Jeanette, is a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader.
2.) He is Catholic, but was baptized in the Mormon faith when he was 8 and remained in the church for several years.
3.) He's a graduate of University of Florida and University of Miami Law school and he's still paying off his student loans.
4.) He's one of the least wealthy members of the Senate. His net worth is negative $400,000 because of his student loans and a large mortgage on his home.
5.) He was a bundler for John McCain's presidential campaign in 2008. According to the Center for Responsive Politics he brought in between $50,000 and $100,000.
6.) He hates the 70's musical group the Bee-Gees and he loves Nicki Minaj.
7.) He was offered a football scholarship at Tarkio College in Missouri out of high school, where he attended for a year before transferring to Santa Fe Community College, and ultimately graduating from U. Florida.
8.) His first job was to build cages for exotic birds for brother-in-law's company.
9.) He teaches political science on Mondays and Fridays at Florida International University in Miami.