Monday, April 6, 2015

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry Speech at The Citadel-Video

Austin, TX – RickPAC released a new web-video featuring Gov. Perry’s major foreign policy address at The Citadel.
The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin: “A Speech Worthy Of A Commander In Chief… A Powerful Argument For His Candidacy…” “At the Citadel today former Texas governor Rick Perry will deliver a speech worthy of a commander in chief. … The result is a sobering description of our national security challenges and a powerful argument for his candidacy, in a race which increasingly focuses on national security.” (The Washington Post, 4/6/15)
  • Rubin: “Perry Is Setting The Bar High — In Rhetoric, In Knowledge And In Vision.” (The Washington Post, 4/6/15)
Bloomberg’s Josh Rogin On Ending Iran Deal: “Perry Is Going Further Than Some Of His Potential 2016 GOP Rivals…” “By pledging to end the deal, Perry is going further than some of his potential 2016 GOP rivals such as Jeb Bush, who have criticized the deal but not said exactly what they would do about it if elected.” (Bloomberg, 4/6/15)

Texas Tribune’s Patrick Svitek: “A Sweeping Indictment Of President Obama's Foreign Policy And A Presentation Of His Own Proposals To Reassert American Influence Abroad…” “Former Gov. Rick Perry, looking to show he has the military background to inform an alarming worldview, used South Carolina's military college on Monday as the backdrop for a sweeping indictment of President Obama's foreign policy and a presentation of his own proposals to reassert American influence abroad.” (Texas Tribune, 4/6/15)

National Review’s Jim Geraghty: “In His Speech, Perry Went On To Outline A Foreign Policy Vision Patterned After Ronald Reagan’s Policies Of The 1980s.” (National Review, 4/6/15)
  • National Review Headline: “Perry Rips Obama’s ‘State Of Delusion’ On National Security” (National Review, 4/6/15)
Charleston Post And Courier’s Schuyler Kropf: “His Most Far Ranging Foreign Policy Address So Far In South Carolina…” “Choosing The Citadel to deliver his most far ranging foreign policy address so far in South Carolina, the former Texas governor told 300 cadets the Obama administration’s negotiations are doing more to legitimize, instead of curb, Iran’s nuclear goals.” (Charleston Post And Courier, 4/6/15)
WIS-TV’s Will Whitson: “Room Packed With [The Citadel] Cadets.” (, 4/6/15)

Whitson: “Perry Emphasized The Need For A Strong Military And Foreign Policy, Citing The Recent Nuclear Negotiations With Iran.” (WIS-TV, 4/6/15)