Monday, April 6, 2015

AZGOP Chairman Shuts Out Elected Precinct and State Committeemen From Meeting

Robert Graham is barring elected precinct and state committeemen from attending a meeting to sit and observe the  going on's. 
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Lack of transparency started when Governor Ducey removed the visitor's log from the 9th floor and has now trickled down to the state level by having closed meetings normally open to PC'S and State committeemen.
Bet the ranch that he will be kissing up to them to recruit PC, walk neighborhoods and do the dirty work to get Republicans elected. 
Via 4-5-15 MCRC Briefs
Precinct Committeemen Having Been Asking About The upcoming AZGOP April 18 meeting since it is traditional for interested PCs to sit in on the meetings (as observers, cannot vote). 
There has been no public announcement of the April 18 AZGOP meeting, so I sent an e-mail to AZGOP Robert Graham reminding him that – when elected in 2013 he had assured me that Briefs would receive the announcements/agendas and was welcome to attend all state GOP meetings. (Normal procedure for the past decade of prior state chairmen). 
  Yesterday morning, Graham responded “… This is a new cycle and I am changing things up a bit. This will be a closed meeting. Those in attendance will be the Executive Committee, AZGOP Staff and the LD Chairman. Thanks for your interest. 

Have a Happy Easter.”  So there you have straight from the horse’s mouth… It’s a closed meeting.  Hmm… wonder how that is going to set with interested grassroots State Committeemen and PCs???