Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Arizona's Electric Utilities Present Summer Energy Preparedness Plans to the Commission

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Press Release-April 15, 2015
PHOENIX – Arizona’s electric utilities presented to the Corporation Commission today plans to ensure customers will continue receiving reliable service as we enter into the peak demands of a hot Arizona summer.
Presentations were made to the Commission by Arizona Public Service Company (APS), Tucson Electric Power Company (TEP), UNS Electric, Inc., Salt River Project (SRP), and from Arizona’s electric cooperatives. While the companies said that they expect high demand this year, representatives explained that they have energy reserves to exceed the peak demand expected on the hottest of summer days. For example, APS forecasts a peak of 6,886 megawatts (MW), and has 9,095 MW of resources available to help meet that demand. TEP forecasts a peak of 2,222 MW, and has 2,490 MW of resources available to help meet that demand. Each utility also described their energy mix, showing a diverse portfolio of generation sources.
“Arizona utility customers should feel confident that their power providers are prepared for this summer and the weather challenges that might come,” said Chairman Susan Bitter Smith.
In addition to demonstrating their ability to handle the electricity needs of their customers for the coming season, the companies included information on emergency planning efforts and coordination as well as customer communication procedures. Information about service disruptions can be obtained through each utilities’ 24/7 call centers, automated phone messages, news media and social media.
The Commission is committed to ensuring utilities are prepared to provide Arizonans’ with reliable power throughout the hot summer months.
Copies of each utility company’s presentation can be found on the Commission’s website at: