Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Arizona's Common Core Education Standards Bites the Dust-Repeal Defeated

Arizona Common Core: Still in place thanks to these four Republicans.March 30, 2015 Common Core bites the dust after months of slowly moving through the legislature, a bill to repeal Common Core education standards came to the floor of the Arizona state Senate.
Bill HB2190 had already cleared the state House by a vote of 34-23 in favor, and made its way out of several committees in order to finally make it to the Senate floor.
With 13 ayes, 16 nays, and one Member not voting. The vote failed, Because four Republicans had the courage to vote their convictions, State Senators Jeff Dial, Adam Driggs, Steve Pierce, and Bob Worsley voted to keep the standards that were approved by the legislature in 2010.