Monday, April 27, 2015

Arizona Senator John McCain VOTED NO on Loretta Lynch Appointment for US Attorney General

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Earlier this week when the Senate was asked to vote on confirming Loretta Lynch as the next Attorney General of the United States, I voted no.

During her confirmation hearing before the Judiciary Committee, Ms. Lynch stated her belief that the President's recent executive actions on immigration were "reasonable" and "constitutional."

My Friend, I could not support anyone to be the highest law enforcement official in America who supports the President's clearly unconstitutional actions. That's why I cast my vote "NO."

The job of the U.S. Attorney General is to represent the people of the United States and to "do justice." It is not to serve as a cheerleader or policy advocate for the president - that is what Loretta Lynch's comments show that she would be.

The security of our nation depends on the steps we take today. You can count on me to always fight for a better, stronger, safer America.

It has been the great honor of my life to work for our shared values in Washington. Thank you for your commitment to our nation and your continued support. I am most appreciative.


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