Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Arizona My Sister's Closet Clever Billboard Ads-Racy,Suggestive Not Vulgar-See Billboards

I’m going to make fun of the Valley's public-transit agency decision to remove My Sister’s Closet ads from the outside of light-rail train cars.
You can’t expect a sense of humor from a government agency subsidized by the taxpayers of Arizona. Valley Metro officials who made this choice, show their support to suppress the First Amendment rights of My Sister’s Closet to do ads that  stir your imagination are clever and get your attention.

Instead of seeing the clever humorous side of the ads the VM officials think they are crude and overly sexual, could be it’s not the ads, but Valley Metro Officials minds that think crude and overly sexual thoughts.
My favorite is at 16th St and Glendale, I chuckle every time I drive by at how clever it is.
Put a lamp and book on it and it will pass Valley Metro's muster.