Saturday, April 11, 2015

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Guest Speaker: at the GOP 2015 Annual Legislative Salute Dinner

VIP guest got their photo taken with the gov before dinner. 
Photo by Timon Harper
Barbara Espinosa and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey
He was surprised when I stepped up, but was gracious. Ducey quipped call the press and post this to twitter. Gov the press now has it and it's been posted to twitter as directed.

In his dinner speech he did nice job of recognizing and congratulating the legislatures. 

He extolled the bills he signed without mentioning the veto’s or cuts made to the budget,that effects education, health or child care. When bragging about the shortest session in history he failed to mention the senate shut it down in the middle of the night while the house was still debating bills. 

His message was upbeat and with a positive outlook for Arizona's future.

Excerpts from Laurie Roberts article that sums up the 1st session.
Our leaders defended plastic bags, but not the children of working parents who can't afford to pay for decent child care. This Legislature cut all state funding for child-care subsidies.
They stunned universities with a $99 million cut but refused to put off $112 million in corporate tax cuts due to go into effect in July.
They declined to follow a court order to fully fund inflation for K-12 schools, crying poverty. But they diverted $24 million to guarantee loans so that charter school businesses can expand their operations
They outlawed aggressive panhandling. But boosted campaign contribution limits so they can collect 25 percent more from deep-pocketed donors.
They passed a bill making it possible for ride-sharing companies to operate in Arizona, touting new technology and innovation. Then they refused to consider allowing Tesla to sell cars in a shopping mall, eliminating middleman car dealers. It seems those middleman car dealers are big campaign contributors.
They "protected" women and their unborn children by ordering doctors to tell women that their drug-induced abortions might be reversible. But they slashed support to women and children who are living in poverty. Starting in July 2016, Arizona will be the only state in the nation that cuts off Temporary Assistance to Needy Families after one year. Most states have a five-year cap.
They required high school students to take a civics test so they can become better citizens. Then they voted to make it more difficult for citizens to mount initiatives to enact laws our leaders won't. And to mount referendums, to block laws our leaders pass. And to mount recalls, so we can get rid of leaders who really aren't representing us.
They spent copious amounts of time railing against the federal government for trying to tell the state what to do. Then they blocked cities from enacting local gun laws, threatening to slap a $5,000 fine on any city official who dares to defy state authority.
They abolished the state regulatory agency that ensures you really do get a pound of meat or a gallon of gas. Then they refused to lift a finger to eliminate dark money and ensure that you know who is trying to buy your vote and Arizona's elections.
Arizona will have more craft beer and a new optional Arizona driver's license, so you can clear security at America's airports. (Though first, you'll have to brave a trip to MVD and plunk down $15 to get a special driver's license that complies with federal security standards.) These were a few highlights from the 81-day session.