Thursday, April 2, 2015

Arizona Corporation Commission Promotes Gas Leak Safety and Prevention

April is Pipeline Safety and Safe Digging Month
PHOENIX, AZ -- The Arizona Corporation Commission is dedicating the month of April to encourage the public to report suspected gas leaks and help to prevent them as part of Pipeline Safety Awareness Month, and in coordination with Safe Digging month as part of the “Call 811” campaign.
     We’ve all heard of incidents of gas leaks leading to injuries and even death, so the Commission’s Pipeline Safety Division encourages the public to be aware of safe digging and gas pipeline safety practices. Even if you are not a gas customer, recognizing the smell, sounds and visual indicators of a gas leak is critically important to prevent a gas pipeline incident.
     A rotten egg odor, hissing noises, dirt blowing up in the air and bubbles rising in a puddle or a place you would not likely find them (such as a toilet) are all signs of a natural gas leak, especially in an area with a recent digging project, construction or an obvious sign that a gas pipeline has been damaged. Unfortunately, in many gas-related incidents, someone smelled gas but failed to notify anyone. Even if you smell gas while taking a walk, going shopping or running errands, the Commission urges you to contact your local gas company or call to 911.
In an effort to keep the number of pipeline safety incidents in Arizona low, the Commission’s Pipeline Safety Division encourages the public to:
  • Evacuate and call the local gas utility and/or 911 from a safe location immediately if you smell, see, or hear escaping gas;
  • Stay away from the area once an evacuation has taken place until authorities say it is safe to return;
  • Maintain the natural gas piping that you own. If you have a gas line that goes to a remote location such as a pool heater, spa heater, barbeque grill, additional house or apartment, gas lights, etc., have them periodically checked for leaks and ensure they are protected from corrosion. Make any repairs promptly;
  • “Call Before you Dig.” Call 811 before any digging project first —even if you are planting a tree—to find out the locations of underground utilities. 
     The Commission’s Pipeline Safety Division enforces Federal and State pipeline safety regulations and provides information and guidance to pipeline operators to ensure safe operation of pipeline facilities. The Pipeline Safety Section has a long standing reputation of being one of the most proactive pipeline safety programs in the nation. Obtaining near perfect scores on their last safety audit, the Division is dedicated to and successful in keeping the number of pipeline safety incidents in Arizona low.
For further information and education on pipeline safety visit the Safety Division website at: