Saturday, April 11, 2015

Arizona Board of Regents Chairman Mark Killian Appointed director of the Arizona Department of Agriculture

Arizona Board Of Regents Chairman Mark Killian was bent on  of suing the state after the universities’ budget was cut by $99 million. Now Governor says cuts may be permanent.
Less than a week after Ducey’s visit to the regents, the governor named Killian director of the Dept of Agriculture. ABOR against Ducey’s higher education policies. Inquiring minds wants to know how/will Killian be able to lead a lawsuit now that he's on Ducey's payroll.
PHOENIX - Governor Doug Ducey today announced the appointment of Mark Killian as director of the Arizona Department of Agriculture. 
"I'm pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Killian to lead the Arizona Department of Agriculture," said Governor Ducey. "Mark brings decades of unique public service and private sector experience, and his extensive and successful background in farming and ranching will be hugely valuable in this role. He's a welcome addition to this department and our administration."
Mr. Killian has been a member of the Arizona Board of Regents since 2010, currently serving as chairman and previously as vice chairman and treasurer. Prior to joining ABOR, he was director of the Arizona Department of Revenue and served for 14 years in the Arizona State Legislature, including as Speaker of the House and House Majority Leader.
Mr. Killian also has decades of private sector experience. He is a licensed commercial real estate broker of more than 32 years specializing in the management of commercial real estate. He also is involved in family farming and ranching enterprises, overseeing the stewardship of 1,700 acres of farmland in Arizona, and is the current chairman of the Green Reservoir Flood Control district and the Santa Cruz River Alliance. 
Mr. Killian earned his Bachelor's Degree in business administration with a specialization of real estate and urban planning from Arizona State University in 1981. 

Via Arizona capital Times yellow Sheet
“How in the hell can ABOR Chairman Mark Killian lead a charge
against Ducey’s cuts to the universities when he was just named one of
his agency directors?”
- A Capitol railbird, reacting to Killian’s appointment as director of
the Dept of Agriculture.