Saturday, March 14, 2015

Randy Pullen Former AZGOP Chair Says: Speaker Boehner Must GO

Randy Pullen Former AZGOP Chair  and Former RNC Treasurer Says: NO to NRCC to Survey Begging for Donations

Former AZGOP Chairman sent me this e-mail: 
My thoughts on political contributions. 
Randy's reply when I asked if I had permission to print:
Reply Political contributions,If you think it has value.~~My thoughts:It has a lot of value it sends a loud and clear message Speaker John Boehner is NOT doing his job.  

I was shocked that Pullen agreed for me to post his missive to the National Republican Congressional Committee, to me it tells the grassroots how bad Boehner’s leadership is. Randy has been a stanch supporter of Republicans and was the RNC Treasurer so for him to stray from the establishment rhetoric says to me he has seen the light and knows that the Speaker Leadership is weak. Boehner has failed to keep a promise to Republicans that the he would not support Obama’s Executive Amnesty.167 Republicans went against Speaker John Boehner and he was able to get the bill passed by teaming up with Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats. AZ Rep Paul Gosar was the only one of the Arizona delegation who voted against Boehner as Speaker. ALL of the other AZ delegation voted to keep Boehner as Speaker.