Tuesday, March 17, 2015

President Obama's 150 Page 2016 Budget

President Obama's 2016 Budget by Barbara Espinosa
Highlights include:
  • raising an additional $208 billion from wealthy taxpayers and $112 billion from corporate institutions over 10 years 
  • a 5% increase over 2015 for spending on education, with billions toward Preschool for All, Head Start, Title I, and free community college
  • a $10 billion per year increase for Social Security, paid for by closing loopholes that allow wealthy individuals to avoid paying Medicare and Social Security payroll taxes
  • an investment $7.4 billion in clean energy technologies, an area that received significant cuts in 2015
  • A Department of Defense base budget of $534 billion, the highest in history, plus an additional $51 billion war funding.
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